Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thing 10: Virtual Library

The last one! Yea!! I think the SPL website is truly amazing. My favorite aspect is the Kids pages - it has so much to offer. Sometimes its hard to locate things, but I think that's because there's just so much there. It would be nice to unbury certain elements, such as booklists for kids. You have to click on several other things before you get to that section and if you don't know what to click on, you may never find it. I really don't have any ideas for new services.

Thing 9: Google Tools

I like this one a lot. Too much information, but very useful stuff. I like Google Earth - could be a great teaching tool for students. The Product Search is good for comparative shopping - didn't this used to be called Froogle? Also, the Web Search features is extremely helpful for finding all kinds of information.

Thing 8: Wikis

Basically, I'm not crazy about wikis. I understand the concept of the community monitoring the content, so that the information posted is accurate, but I'm still distrusting of it. I'd rather use a recognized source if I had to do research. I guess I'm not overly trusting. Thus, I don't think its appropriate for libraries. To me, it seems like another form of blogging.

Thing 7 Podcasting

I like the idea of podcasting. I htink its a great way for people to share information and can be a very useful educational tool. I think SPL could podcast some of their programs or meetings that are held in the library. Patrons might be interested in the concerts and programs by authors. I have little experience with podcasts, though I have listened to some music that was podcast.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Delicious Thing

Delicious was an easy one. I was actually able to do it.

Flickr Blog

So, as usual, I had some trouble with this Thing. I did manage to upload a few pictures onto Flickr, but then got stuck when it came to posting the pictures onto my blog. And I thought I had created a blog on Flickr, but now I can't find it and I've never removed it from the list of blogs on the Flickr account. Sigh.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I created a Facebook account because my kids are on Facebook and I wanted to freak them out. It worked. They both think its the weirdest thing to have their mom on Facebook. But, they both accepted me as their friend and one of their friends even poked me. Its kind of a kick to see what they're up to, but I really have no interest in posting my information for all the world to see.